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So before you go back to status updates on Facebook, how about checking out my work.


Me create. Me have fun.

  • Ocean State Job Lot

    TV Spots

    Ocean State Job Lot is a close out retail store. This broadcast campaign aimed to elevate brand awareness in a fun nature. Campaign drove sales up from previous years.

  • Lego Pads

    Video • Digital • Outdoor • Print

    Facebook based campaign. Each like the page gets Lego dontates 10 bricks towards building a home for a family in need to prevent homelessness.

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  • Nike Running

    Print • Outdoor

    Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Shield campaign proving that this is the shoe you want for night running.

  • Pam

    Print • Ambient

    What if you had to eat your food from where it was cooked? This campaign shows a world without Pam Non-Stick Spray.

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  • Climax Moonshine

    Web • Social

    Launch website and Facebook page for Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine. Made famous from "Moonshiners" on Discovery Channel.

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  • Panasonic Cordless Irons

    Print • Digital • Outdoor

    Ironing with a power cord has always put restraints on how you iron and where you iron. This campaign shows you that you don't have to be tied down anymore.

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  • Unicef

    Viral Stunt

    Hired a pitch man to give a presentation about a work in progress video game at a video game convention.

  • American Apparel

    Print • Mobile

    All American Apparel clothing is made right in the good ole USA. This campaign chronicles what other clothing brand's foreign manufactures might of experienced.

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  • Consumer Packaging


    Various packaging executions.

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  • MTV


    Three videos I shot and edited at MTV.

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  • Healthy Interactions

    Print • Digital • Expo

    A health media company that creates health programs. Various pieces were created to help promote the company and its network of educators.

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  • Photography

    Fashion • Fine Art

    One of my biggest passions is photography. This is just a small collection of some of my work ranging from landscape to high fashion.

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  • ETC

    Logos • Video • and more

    Now for just a random collection of other pieces I've created.

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  • Illustrations

    Charcoal drawings

    When I get a moment I love to do some charcoal drawings. Faces are my favorite.

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  • Harley-Davidson


    Direct mail piece to help promote automatic payments.

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Who am I?

Yikes lets not get that deep.

Meet the Steves

What else?

Enough with all this work talk.

I'm also an active contributing photographer on Lots of my work has popped up but my most famous collection of photos are my Christmas ugly sweater photos, and I actually model in them too.

I was young, clueless but had a pogostick to keep me busy. Our subdivision backed up to a farm. It smelled like manure all the time and the farmer was alway drunk riding around shooting his gun. Oh and there was a lot of corn.

So it wasn't easy by any means. If you want to witness utter agony watch "Dancing with the Stars". If you want to feel utter agony run a marathon. Kind of felt like a group of thugs beating my legs with baseball bats the next day. But glad I did it!

I admit it... I'm a serial focus group participant. Although technically due to my profession I shouldn't be participating in focus groups. However, when I get into them I love voicing my opinion. I also learn tons from what others say about brands which just fascinates me.

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